THE END OF THE WORLD!! (a Catholic Perspective)

33rd Sunday of the Year – B

Daniel 12:1-3
Mark 13:24-32

When is the End of the World?
How will we know when it is immanent?
What are the Signs that it is about to happen?

Fr. Bill answers these questions as he talks about the Catholic perspective to the End Times, the Parousia, the End of the World and the Second Coming of Christ.


32nd Sunday of the Year – B
1 Kings 17:10-16
Mark 12:41-44

The story of the Widow’s Mite (Mark 12:41-44) is popular among the stories of the Gospels, but it is more than a simple story of Love and Generosity. When read beside the story of Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath (I Kings 17:10-16) it takes on a meaning beyond a simple act of “giving”.

Fr. Bill discusses both stories together and discusses the deeper meaning behind the generosity of both widows.


24th Sunday of the Year – B

Fr. Bill addresses these modern cultural clichés in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – The First Teaching that Drove People Away

Many people, Catholic and Non-Catholic, object to certain teachings of the Catholic Church.  This is nothing new.  Fr. Bill talks about the up and coming readings of the Sunday Mass, what Jesus taught and how His audience responded.  Fr. Bill then compares it to the objections to current teachings of the Church, the demand of some people that the Church change its teachings, and the penchant for Catholics to leave the Church over them.

PROPHECY IN AMERICA – God’s Voice in the American Experience

Independence Day Homily
July 4, 2021

Ezekiel 2:2-5

God’s prophets speak to us today; especially in and through the American Experience. As the Nation Celebrates the 4th of July, in the midst of a growing internal culture of hatred for the United States, Fr. Bill preaches how God’s voice can be heard in and through our Nation’s Founding that has formed us as a people, and how the Catholic Church through its leaders continues to speak prophetically today.

A Spoonful of Sugar…Makes the Seed Grow

The Parables of Jesus
Homily – 11th Sunday of the Year – B
Mark 4:26-34

Jesus, like the character Mary Poppins, often spoke through metaphor and innuendo, rarely explaining their meaning, but leaving it to our thoughts and reflections, nourished by the details of the Gospel that He taught. Fr. Bill talks about the wide variety of parables Jesus told, why he told them, and why He rarely explained their meaning.


The Catholic Church is still reeling and recovering from a series of scandals involving some of its priests and bishops.  The Church has also done a great deal to address them within its own ranks.

There are, however, those who would do nothing but remind the Church of its checkered past, ignoring the rapid and revolutionary strides it has taken to ensure avoidance of scandal in the future, atonement for it sins, and the future protection of all people of all ages.

Jesus also had something to say on the topic and the angle He takes is rather unexpected.

Fr. Bill does not ask “What Would Jesus Say”.  Rather He reminds us of what Jesus DID say, as he addresses the overall dynamic of Church scandals, its efforts to overcome them, correct its flaws and atone for its sins, while at the same time dealing with those who would use them to rail against the Church and its moral credibility.