NOT SEEING IS BELIEVING – The 1st Commandment, pt 3

“You Shall not make unto me a graven image…”

What constitutes “a graven image”?

Fr. Bill discusses the third part of the First of the Ten Commandments, and how making God into a “graven image” is still as relevant today as it was to the Hebrew People.

POST-MYTHOLOGICAL PAGANISM – The 1st Commandment, pt 2

“You shall have no other gods . . .”

Fr. Bill discusses the paganism of today and how the second part of the First Commandment still applies to the modern, post-mythological world.

Lenten Practices – Do We “Have” to Do Them?

Reflection for Friday of the First Week of Lent

Lent is a time of Penance and Spiritual Discipline. But, do we really have to participate? What if we are just “not that into it”, just don’t want to?

Fr. Bill discusses how Lenten Practices fit into the over all scheme of “belonging to Christ” and what is at stake when we engage in our annual Lenten Observances and Sacrifices.