TO JUDGE OR NOT TO JUDGE – What did Jesus Command

Lenten Reflection #11, for the 2nd Monday of Lent

What did Jesus actually command with regard to Judging and why are people so reluctant to do so today? Is “Judging” or being “Judgmental” really a sin? Or have we been engaging in a massive misunderstanding as to what Jesus wants us to do?

Lenten Practices – Do We “Have” to Do Them?

Reflection for Friday of the First Week of Lent

Lent is a time of Penance and Spiritual Discipline. But, do we really have to participate? What if we are just “not that into it”, just don’t want to?

Fr. Bill discusses how Lenten Practices fit into the over all scheme of “belonging to Christ” and what is at stake when we engage in our annual Lenten Observances and Sacrifices.