Fr. Bill preaches the Ascension of Jesus Christ, the Shooting Massacre at Robb Elementary School in Texas, and whether, in Ascending into Heaven, Jesus may, in fact, have abandoned us to our fate.


The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus (as well as the Epiphany) are now celebrated on Sundays rather than the original 40days after Easter and 12 Days after Christmas, respectively.

Fr. Bill talks about the purpose of Holy Days of Obligation, and why some of these days, more recently the Ascension, have been moved.  He also talks about what Holy Days should be kept, moved or suppressed as days of obligation, while also suggesting other days that can be promoted as days for the Mass that draw from both our values as Christians and our identity as Americans.

HOLY THURSDAY – The Other Great Commission

Lenten Reflection, #37

Jesus gives two Great Commissions. One is called “The Great Commission” and was given before leaving his Disciples after the Resurrection. The other was given at the Last Supper. Fr. Bill discusses how Holy Thursday celebrates the institution of the Holy Eucharist, but also of the Commission Jesus gave to His Disciples, and, by extension, to the entire Church.