NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! — The Legacy of Catholic Schools in the United States

4th Sunday of the Year
Luke 4:21-30

The end of January every year celebrates Catholic Schools Week.

Fr. Bill preaches about the History and Legacy of Catholic Schools in the United States and why it is important for the future of our Nation to keep that Legacy alive for future generations of children in need of a quality, Faith-based and values-based education.

REACTIONS – How to People Respond to the Church

Weekly Podcast

Jesus’ debut in Nazareth was somewhat less than successful.

Fr Bill discusses the ways in which the people of Jesus’ home-town reacted to his teaching and how the Catholics, Christians and anyone of any traditional value system experience and deal with multiple reactions to their presence and assertions in society.

WOULD GOD HAVE USED E-MAIL? – After all, He Wrote Letters

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Luke 1:1-4

Much of the New Testament is written as a Letter, from the Epistles to the Gospel of St. Luke.

Fr. Bill talks about the importance of Letter-writing, its importance to Christian heritage, its impact on History, and how it has been lost in our modern, multi-media saturated culture.


Sunday Homily
2nd Sunday of the Year
1 Corinthians 12:4-11

There will be a Synod of Bishops in 2023 for which the participating Bishops, with the Holy Father, Pope Francis, are seeking the input of Catholics throughout the World.
Fr. Bill talks about how Paul’s teaching on “different gifts, but the same Spirit” is reflected on the unprecedented action being taken by the Pope on the Church moving forward through the Third Millenium.

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