DID THE BIBLE GET IT WRONG? – “This Generation Shall Not Pass…”

33rd Sunday of the Year (B)
“This generation shall not pass until all these things have taken place.”

Jesus prophesied that all fulfillment would take place before His present generation. Centuries later, are we still waiting?

One thought on “DID THE BIBLE GET IT WRONG? – “This Generation Shall Not Pass…”

  1. Either this generation shall not pass, that sees all these signs compressed into a lifetime, wars, rumours of wars, signs in the skies, sun, moon, stars falling, earthquakes, pestilence, famines, and before these things, you will be persecuted in my name, a witness to all nations, deceptions of false Christs and prophets. However, … although wars and earthquakes have always happened. When you see the most amazing light show, and the shaking of every mountain and island, this will be spectacular, then look up, the sky will open and heaven empties heavenly beings, a number that cannot be counted, following Christ Jesus (Rev 19) … or, does this generation typify that a generation of the wickedness of man will always be with us to the end? Or is this also, about the Kingdom of God being in our hearts at Pentecost in the time of the disciples. Perhaps all are to be fulfilled.

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