Lent inevitably ends with the 50-day celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. Fr. Bill talks about how the Resurrection is presented in the Gospels, what patterns they follow, what themes they present, and how we can encounter the Risen Jesus continually as His Followers.


The Temptations of Jesus in the Desert
Homily – First Sunday of Lent

Fr. Bill preaches on the Temptation of Jesus and how engaging fully in the practices, observances, penances and sacrifices during Lent actually invite temptation as part of the Spiritual Exercises of the season.

DID THE BIBLE GET IT WRONG? – “This Generation Shall Not Pass…”

33rd Sunday of the Year (B)
“This generation shall not pass until all these things have taken place.”

Jesus prophesied that all fulfillment would take place before His present generation. Centuries later, are we still waiting?