6th Sunday of Easter – A

Jesus Commands us to “Love”, to “Live in my Love”, but what did he mean to Love — especially in light of modern, secular, socio-political notions of Love.

Fr. Bill discusses Jesus’ command to Love, and how we exercise it, and why we need the freedom to exercise that Love.

MORE THAN JUST CUSSING – The 2nd Commandment

“You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain…”

Jesus declares Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to be the one Unforgivable Sin and God declared that Taking the Lord’s name in Vain would NOT go unpunished.

Fr. Bill discusses both the Second Commandment and the Words of Jesus and how they are violated today when people “take the Lord’s Name in vain”.

BLINDNESS AND CLEAR VISION – Jesus “cures” a Blind Man

Homily for 30th Sunday of the Year – B
Blind Bartimaeus is “Cured”

Bartimaeus is cured of his blindness, but demonstrates a clearer vision of Jesus while he is still Blind.  What constitutes “clear vision” and where else in the Gospel, and in our world do we see examples of “blindness” and the “clear vision” of faith?