Homily for for the First Sunday of Advent, 2020
(no that is not a typo)

Advent begins the new Year of Our Lord, opens with the theme of the Advent of Christ’s Return in Glory and concludes with the preparation to celebrate the Incarnation. How can we observe this busy, “holiday” season, as Catholic Christians, not diving into Christmas until we have celebrated the many facets and faces of the Advent Season?

ADVENT – and the need for Repentance

“Dismay Before Comfort”
Homily – 2nd Sunday of Advent (B)

John the Baptist calls his people to “Prepare the way of the Lord.”  Isaiah speaks of “Comfort” but only after the people have paid “double” for their sins.  How do we reconcile the purpose of religion with the popular misconception that Christianity is there to give Comfort?


Scripture Reflection
“Comfort With A Catch”

Scripture Reflection on Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11