Is the “SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” in the Bible?

Post-Enlightenment Political Philosophers pushed the Separation of Church and State. The Founding of the United States enshrines a more evolved understanding of this Political Principle. Fr. Bill talks about the difference, and how the United States understanding of this Principle is actually expressed in the Bible.


The Temptations of Jesus in the Desert
Homily – First Sunday of Lent

Fr. Bill preaches on the Temptation of Jesus and how engaging fully in the practices, observances, penances and sacrifices during Lent actually invite temptation as part of the Spiritual Exercises of the season.


Luke 2:22-40

The stability of any Society depends on the stability of the Family. Fr. Bill preaches on how the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus symbolizes God’s entry and sanctification of the basic element of a free and stable society, the basic component of the Church, and ultimately, a basic symbol of God’s gift of Freedom.

THE RETURN OF DAVID THE KING – JRR Tolkien and the Annunciation

“All that is gold does not glitter….”

Homily – 4th Sunday of Advent – B
Luke 1:26-38

J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem featured in “The Fellowship of the Ring” speaks strongly to the history of Israel, leading up the birth of Jesus and culminating in the Annunciation of Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. Fr. Bill preaches on the history of the Dynasty of King David and what the Angel Gabriel says about it when he announces the impending birth of Jesus.

CHRISTMAS OR THE POPE? – What Should I Talk About?

Fr. Bill discusses whether it is more important to talk about the Pope’s comments on “blessings” or on the up-and-coming celebration of the Incarnation of Christ.

The “Other Messiah” – John the Baptist

Homily – 3rd Sunday of Advent

Many believed John the Baptist was the Messiah, until he pointed out Jesus as the one who was to come after him.

Fr. Bill preaches on the mysterious person of John the Baptist, who he may have been, what the Gospels tell of him, and how the Church came to understand his important role in relation to Jesus.

“SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” – Rendering Unto Caesar

Homily – 29th Sunday of the Year – A
Matthew 22:15-21

The United States has a particular approach to the “Separation of Church and State”. Fr. Bill explains how this country understands this doctrine, how it was incorporated into the nation’s Founding, how we get it wrong today, and how it perfectly expresses Jesus’ admonition to “render to Caesar…”