Weekly Podcast

Americans love to talk about their “rights”.

Fr. Bill talks about the nature of “Rights” as expressed in the Declaration of Independence of the United States and how the assertion of “rights” that people make today fits, or does not fit, into that dynamic that is at the center of America’s founding and continued prosperity.


The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has captured the attention of America.

Fr. Bill discusses the trial, not in terms of innocence or guilt, but in terms of what everything about the trial – what led up to it, what it is about, how it has been conducted by the participants, what the media and politicians have sad about it – ultimately says about the state of America and the attitudes that have become prevalent among the People.

THE END OF THE CHURCH – The Worst Crisis Ever!

Many Catholics are critical of Pope Francis and other Bishops for not calling out Catholic politicians who are in favor of abortion. Some have called Pope Francis a “false Pope”, an “anti-Pope” and even “Satan’s Pope”. Some say that the Church is in a crisis from which it may never recover.

Fr. Bill talks about another crisis from Church history and puts the current issues into the proper perspective of the Church’s checkered, but triumphant past.

To VAX or NOT to VAX!

Fr. Bill addresses the controversy over Covid Vaccinations.  He talks about the issue of “Forced” Vaccinations, and addresses the ethical questions people raise with regard to taking the Vaccine.

(note – Fr. Bill is NOT speaking as an official spokesperson of the Catholic Church.  Rather, he speaks as a pastoral minister who has had to address this in discussions with those who have approached him for advice and guidance.)

WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – The First Teaching that Drove People Away

Many people, Catholic and Non-Catholic, object to certain teachings of the Catholic Church.  This is nothing new.  Fr. Bill talks about the up and coming readings of the Sunday Mass, what Jesus taught and how His audience responded.  Fr. Bill then compares it to the objections to current teachings of the Church, the demand of some people that the Church change its teachings, and the penchant for Catholics to leave the Church over them.