New Podcast – “Faith, Hope & History with Fr. Bill”
How and why the Catholic Church is NOT against Science.

“Following ‘the Science'” is a common invocation asserted by many as a one-upmanship to those who profess particularly a Christian faith; as if those of a deep faith are closed to accepting “the science.”  More often than not the Church’s conflict with Galileo is invoked as a demonstration of how the Catholic Church and the Christian Faith is hostile to Science.  Fr. Bill discusses the issue, demonstrating that the opposite is true.  Not only does Christianity, and in particular Catholicism, have no problem with Science, but it is because of the Christian Faith, and in particular the Catholic Church, that Science and scientific studies were able to grow and flourish in the West.

Join Fr. Bill as he talks about the how Christianity and the Judeo-Christian worldview paved the way for the growth of Science, and how the Catholic Church fostered such studies.  He will even name a few priests and bishops who were pioneers in many of the modern fields of scientific study.  Some of them may surprise you!

Religious Liberty and the Cancel Culture – The Brett Winterble Show

Enjoy my latest visit to the Brett Winterble Show on WBT AM1110 Charlotte North Carolina where we discuss the fire at the San Gabriel Mission, the attacks on Religious images and the Cancel Culture sweeping our nation.

TRUMP BULLYING (& St. Valentines Day)

My visit to the last airing of the Brett Winterble Show before Brett moves to Charlotte.
We discuss an article that blames President Trump for a minuscule increase in bullying in schools.
We also discuss the history behind February 14th being the feast day of St. Valentine, and of two Saints more important to Western History.

THE “JUST WAR” THEORY – The Brett Winterble Show

With the tensions between the United States and Iran, Fr. Bill returns to the Brett Winterble Show on NewsmaxTV to discuss the historical impact of the Christian Faith on matters of war, peace and the moral obligation of national leaders to defend the helpless against violent aggressors.

Enjoy, also, the audio to Fr. Bill’s visit to Brett’s Radio Show on KFMB AM760 San Diego

IMPEACHED!!! — The Brett Winterble Show

…and Fr. Bill returns to the Brett Winterble Show to discuss and compare the current impeachment with impeachments of the past in light of the role of Congress in impeaching the President of the United States.