BAPTISM INTO CHRIST – The Baptism of Jesus

Homily – Feast of the Baptism of Jesus

How do the Seven Sacraments, starting with Baptism, reflect the Life of Jesus as we prepare for Eternal Life?

THE “JUST WAR” THEORY – The Brett Winterble Show

With the tensions between the United States and Iran, Fr. Bill returns to the Brett Winterble Show on NewsmaxTV to discuss the historical impact of the Christian Faith on matters of war, peace and the moral obligation of national leaders to defend the helpless against violent aggressors.

Enjoy, also, the audio to Fr. Bill’s visit to Brett’s Radio Show on KFMB AM760 San Diego


Homily – Epiphany Sunday, 2020

Both Matthew and Luke present a more foreboding tale as part of their Infancy Narratives. Both involve a revelation or Epiphany, of Jesus.

Fr. Bill preaches both “Epiphanies” and discusses how they constitute a darker side to the Birth of Jesus, and a sober reminder of who it is whose birth we celebrate.