The Inquisition – A Historical Perspective

Fr. Bill returns to the Brett Winterble Show on NewsmaxTV to discuss the history and misconceptions of the Catholic Inquisition, and how it contributed something very important to Western Civilization and even American concepts of Justice.

Andrew Jackson & Donald Trump – Two Wars with Congress

My latest visit to the Brett Winterble Show in which Brett and I discuss the similarities between the Presidencies of Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump, particularly between the Current War With Congress over the Border Security and Jackson’s War With Congress over the United States Bank.

Brett Winterble Show — Martin Luther King, Jr., March for Life and the Covington High School Incident

My latest visit to the Brett Winterble Show in which we discuss Martin Luther King, Jr., the Washington D.C. March for Life and the particular experience of certain Catholic High School students from Kentucky who participated.

Are We in a Modern Civil War? – The Brett Winterble Show

My Latest visit to the Brett Winterble Show

Many believe our nation is fighting a “Cold Civil War”.  On Brett’s show we discuss the real Civil War our nation fought and how it continues to affect our country today.


“Into the Lions’ Den!  God Saves From Death”
Daniel, Chapters 3 & 6
The Fiery Furnace & the Lions’ Den

Persecutions (not “comfort”) are what is promised to God’s People, whether Jewish at the hands of the Babylonians/Selucids, or Christian at the hands of anyone. If suffering is an inevitable calling, then how does the Book of Daniel address that reality for God’s People.

Fr. Bill continues his series on Apocalypse as he looks at two of the most well known and beloved stories of the Bible and applies them to a very real experience suffered by Jews and Christians.