THE END OF THE WORLD!! (a Catholic Perspective)

33rd Sunday of the Year – B

Daniel 12:1-3
Mark 13:24-32

When is the End of the World?
How will we know when it is immanent?
What are the Signs that it is about to happen?

Fr. Bill answers these questions as he talks about the Catholic perspective to the End Times, the Parousia, the End of the World and the Second Coming of Christ.

NOT SEEING IS BELIEVING – The 1st Commandment, pt 3

“You Shall not make unto me a graven image…”

What constitutes “a graven image”?

Fr. Bill discusses the third part of the First of the Ten Commandments, and how making God into a “graven image” is still as relevant today as it was to the Hebrew People.

THE ANGEL OF THE END TIME – Apocalypse #17

“Angel of the End Time”

Who is the Archangel of the End Time?  Many would think of St. Michael, but Daniel may have had another Angel in mind.  This video, I divert a bit from our progress through the Book of Daniel to discuss a featured character whenever God’s plan of salvation hits a major turning point – and End that is a Transition.

VISIONS OF THE END TIME – Apocalypse #16

“Visions of the End Time”
Daniel, Chapter 9
Gabriel and the 70 Weeks

The Author of the Book of Daniel offers a “reinterpretation” of Scripture in light of the developments of History.  A familiar name to Christians appears to Daniel to offer this new interpretation of a Major Prophet of the Old Testament regarding the Babylonian Exile

DREAMS OF GOD’S PLAN – Apocalypse #14

“Dreams of God’s Plan”
Daniel, Chapters 2 & 7
The Statue and the Four Beasts

The Visions featured in the Book of Daniel deal with the History of the Jewish People from the Babylonian Exile to the Maccabean Revolt.  Join me as I discuss how the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2) and the Dream of Daniel (Chapter 7) speak to the author’s faith in God’s plan for the Jewish People and his hope for their future, as well as its fulfillment in Christianity.


“Into the Lions’ Den!  God Saves From Death”
Daniel, Chapters 3 & 6
The Fiery Furnace & the Lions’ Den

Persecutions (not “comfort”) are what is promised to God’s People, whether Jewish at the hands of the Babylonians/Selucids, or Christian at the hands of anyone. If suffering is an inevitable calling, then how does the Book of Daniel address that reality for God’s People.

Fr. Bill continues his series on Apocalypse as he looks at two of the most well known and beloved stories of the Bible and applies them to a very real experience suffered by Jews and Christians.