Homily for Ascension Sunday – Year A
Matthew 28:16-20

Fr. Bill discusses the novels of C.S. Lewis, and the priorities Jesus left with us when He Ascended into Heaven. He also addresses the importance of Creation and the Eschaton in relation to those priorities as we await, hope in and expect the eventual Return of Jesus at the End of Time.

WARS & PESTILENCE – Is the End Near?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine comes on the heels of the Covid Pandemic around the World, and of Civil Unrest, inflation and Economic Uncertainty in the US. Some would insist that it is the sign that the End is coming.

Fr. Bill discusses the words of Jesus regarding Wars, Pestilence and the End of the World and how Catholics are called to react to events that are being reported from home and throughout the World

THE “END” OF MARRIAGE – What Did Jesus Say?

Homily – 32nd Sunday of the Year – C

“END” (noun) – an outcome worked toward; the object by virtue of or for the sake of which an event takes place. (Miriam-Webster)

What did Jesus have to say about a subject that has become one of the hottest topics of discussion today – Marriage?

DID THE BIBLE GET IT WRONG? – “This Generation Shall Not Pass…”

33rd Sunday of the Year (B)
“This generation shall not pass until all these things have taken place.”

Jesus prophesied that all fulfillment would take place before His present generation. Centuries later, are we still waiting?

THE ANGEL OF THE END TIME – Apocalypse #17

“Angel of the End Time”

Who is the Archangel of the End Time?  Many would think of St. Michael, but Daniel may have had another Angel in mind.  This video, I divert a bit from our progress through the Book of Daniel to discuss a featured character whenever God’s plan of salvation hits a major turning point – and End that is a Transition.

THE END TIME! – What is it, When is it, How will we know it?

“The End Time – What is it?”
Apocalypse, part 2