Is the “SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” in the Bible?

Post-Enlightenment Political Philosophers pushed the Separation of Church and State. The Founding of the United States enshrines a more evolved understanding of this Political Principle. Fr. Bill talks about the difference, and how the United States understanding of this Principle is actually expressed in the Bible.

WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST – The Conflict Between Israel & Hamas

With the recent outbreak of war between Israel and Palestine, Fr. Bill offers a Biblical and Historical context in which the current event is being played out.

How can we understand the war in light of the Biblical as well as “secular” History of that region, in light of Jesus’ farewell promise of Peace, well as in light of the Promise God made that All Nations would find Blessing in the descendants of Abraham who make up the kingdom, and subsequent Nation of Israel?


Reverence for the Way God Communicates His Word
Homily for the 30th Sunday of the Year – C

Psalm 34

What is God’s Language in your Home?
Fr. Bill preaches on the reverence the Biblical Authors had for the language in which the Bible was written, and how we should have reverence for the language which we speak and in which God has chosen to communicate his Holy Word to us down through the centuries to our time and place today.


Some people insist that the Bible is an accurate historical account.  Others claim it is only Mythology.  Fr. Bill discusses how it is both, why it is both and to what purpose it serves as a “historical” for the ancient Kingdom of Israel, as well as to people of faith today.

THE END TIME! – What is it, When is it, How will we know it?

“The End Time – What is it?”
Apocalypse, part 2