Is the “SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” in the Bible?

Post-Enlightenment Political Philosophers pushed the Separation of Church and State. The Founding of the United States enshrines a more evolved understanding of this Political Principle. Fr. Bill talks about the difference, and how the United States understanding of this Principle is actually expressed in the Bible.

“SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” – Rendering Unto Caesar

Homily – 29th Sunday of the Year – A
Matthew 22:15-21

The United States has a particular approach to the “Separation of Church and State”. Fr. Bill explains how this country understands this doctrine, how it was incorporated into the nation’s Founding, how we get it wrong today, and how it perfectly expresses Jesus’ admonition to “render to Caesar…”


The Apostles and the Great Catch of Fish
Homily – 3rd Sunday of Easter – C
Acts of the Apostles 5:27-32, 40b-41
John 21:1-19

Fr. Bill preaches on the Miracle of the Great Catch of Fish, and how the story, in its entirety, can be applied to the Mission of the Church today and the Constitutional Rights guaranteed to Americans in the United States Bill of Rights.