One of the Traditions of celebrating and receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation is the choosing of a “Confirmation Name”. Fr. Bill discusses the practice, its importance, and the many clumsy ways it is observed, especially during the celebration of Confirmation itself.

WAS JESUS RACIST? – God’s “Exclusion” Policy

St. Paul and Jesus’ Encounter with the Canaanite Woman
Homily – 20th Sunday of the Year – A
Romans 11:13-15, 29-32
Matthew 15:21-28

There are clear distinctions between peoples in the Bible. Both Jesus and St. Paul play upon those distinctions, sometimes in shocking ways. Fr. Bill talks about how God has an “Exclusion Policy”, but not exclusively for Exclusivity. Watch his homily to hear God’s strategy for evangelization utilized by Jesus and St. Paul in which exclusivity is an essential tool.

MARRIAGE – A Matter of Grammar

Homily for the 32nd Sunday of the Year – C

Luke 20:27-38

Fr. Bill preaches on the contentious subject of “marriage” and our obligation, in the face of modern culture, to defend and emulate the sacrament and institution of Marriage as God intended it to be. He makes use of a surprising analysis in offering a proposal on how we, as Followers of Christ, can continue to preach and advocate for Marriage in a compelling way.


The Parable of the Dishonest Steward
Homily – 25th Sunday of the Year – C
Amos 8:4-7
Luke 16:1-13

Jesus wants his followers, the Children of Light, to be just as shrewd and clever as the Dishonest Steward of the Parable. Fr. Bill preaches about what it means to be shrewd and why it is important as we bear witness to the Gospel to the anti-Christian world into which Jesus has sent us.

Resurrection & the Mission to Forgive Sins


John 20:19-31

Jesus gave the Church the authority to forgive sins in His Name. Fr. Bill explains the progression of God’s Plan of Salvation, and its ultimate goal, and how it relates to the story of St. Thomas and his Doubt in the Resurrection.

DEATH & THE FUNERAL — How Do Catholics Prepare for Death?

New Series on YouTube

St. Joseph of the Patron Saint of a Happy Death November is the Month of the Faithful Departed November 2 is the day in which the Church annually Commemorates All Souls.

Join Fr. Bill as he presents this 5-Part series on how the Catholic Church prepares the faithful when Death is approaching, and how it prayerfully intercedes for the Faithful Departed when they yare called from this Life to the Next.

WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – The First Teaching that Drove People Away

Many people, Catholic and Non-Catholic, object to certain teachings of the Catholic Church.  This is nothing new.  Fr. Bill talks about the up and coming readings of the Sunday Mass, what Jesus taught and how His audience responded.  Fr. Bill then compares it to the objections to current teachings of the Church, the demand of some people that the Church change its teachings, and the penchant for Catholics to leave the Church over them.