Resurrection & the Mission to Forgive Sins


John 20:19-31

Jesus gave the Church the authority to forgive sins in His Name. Fr. Bill explains the progression of God’s Plan of Salvation, and its ultimate goal, and how it relates to the story of St. Thomas and his Doubt in the Resurrection.

ABORTION: MURDERING THE INNOCENT – The 5th Commandment, pt. 4

Video #12 – The Ten Commandments
“You Shall Not Kill”

How and why does Abortion especially apply to the 5th Commandment and what is the gravity for one who has incurred a completed abortion?
Are there Biblical Precedents for this?
Is there any Hope in Salvation for one who has had an Abortion?

Fr. Bill addresses this hot and sensitive topic; what the Church teaches, and how it deals with those who are guilty of this violation of the 5th Commandment.