ANNUNCIATIONS EVERYWHERE! – Mary Was Not the Only Recipient of an Angelic Message

4th Sunday of Advent – Year A
The Annunciation to Joseph

Fr. Bill preaches on the many annunciations found in the Bible, of which Mary’s, the most celebrated, is only one. He also talks about how annunciations are carried out today.

CHRISTMAS – The Unstoppable Celebration of Freedom!

Christmas Podcast – 2021

Christmas celebrates the Birth of Christ, but it also celebrates that “The Lord has come this people and set them free!”  It is a great celebration of Freedom that is perfectly combatable with our culture and founding as Free Americans of the United States.

Fr. Bill talks about how this is so and wishes everyone the best of the season.


Homily for the First Sunday of Advent (C) of the Liturgical Year, 2022

The First Sunday of Advent brings in the New Year for the Catholic Church. Fr. Bill discusses ways in which Catholics can observe annually this head start the Church has on the rest of the world in bringing in the year from the point of faith.


Podcast on Our Nation’s Founding and the Abolition of Slavery

Without Independence Day there would be no Juneteenth to celebrate.

Fr. Bill discusses the history of Independence Day and the Founding of our Nation in light of the new National Holiday of Juneteenth.  He also discusses the fallacies of current accusations of our Nation’s Founding, how that Founding ensured the Abolition of Slavery, how Juneteenth at long last acknowledges that this is a Nation that Abolished Slavery, and therefore how there would be nothing to celebrate on Juneteenth without the National Founding we celebrate on July 4th.

PROPHECY IN AMERICA – God’s Voice in the American Experience

Independence Day Homily
July 4, 2021

Ezekiel 2:2-5

God’s prophets speak to us today; especially in and through the American Experience. As the Nation Celebrates the 4th of July, in the midst of a growing internal culture of hatred for the United States, Fr. Bill preaches how God’s voice can be heard in and through our Nation’s Founding that has formed us as a people, and how the Catholic Church through its leaders continues to speak prophetically today.

FATHER’S DAY is not a Day for Priests!

Father’s Day Homily
12th Sunday of the Year – B

It is a strong temptation to include priests in wishing men “Happy Father’s Day”. Fr. Bill talks about why it is more important and appropriate to exclude priests and focus more on the Fathers in our midst.


The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus (as well as the Epiphany) are now celebrated on Sundays rather than the original 40days after Easter and 12 Days after Christmas, respectively.

Fr. Bill talks about the purpose of Holy Days of Obligation, and why some of these days, more recently the Ascension, have been moved.  He also talks about what Holy Days should be kept, moved or suppressed as days of obligation, while also suggesting other days that can be promoted as days for the Mass that draw from both our values as Christians and our identity as Americans.

THE ASCENSION OF ST. JOSEPH – Easter Sunday, 2021

Homily for Easter Sunday
Year of St. Joseph

“Jesus descended into hell
and on the Third Day He Rose Again…”
— Apostles Creed