Celebrating the Church’s New Year
Homily for the First Sunday of Advent – Year A
Matthew 24:37-44

Advent marks the beginning of the New Year, 2023 for the Catholic Church. Fr. Bill preaches on the Eucharistic Renewal and New Year’s resolutions that can help our celebration of the Eucharist become fuller, more vibrant and more substantial as we await Christ’s Return in Glory.


Thanksgiving Day Homily

Fr. Bill preaches on Thanksgiving Day, making a distinction between “BEING Thankful” and “GIVING Thanks”. He also talks about the importance of Thanksgiving Day as a National Holiday that expresses the true Heart and Soul of our Nation, more than any other day of the year.

ARE YOU JEWISH OR PAGAN? — Looking Backwards to Jesus’ 2nd Coming

Sunday Homily
Solemnity of Christ the King
Luke 23:35-43

Pagans saw time and history as an endless cycle. Jewish (and Christian) people see time and history as linear.

Fr. Bill preaches on the Solemnity of Christ the King, the end of the Year 2022, and how we prepare for Christ’s Second Coming by looking Backwards to the previous year, in preparation of the year ahead.


Fr. Bill threads the needle between the observance of Veterans Day, the Feast Day of St. Martin of Tours (celebrated on the same day) and the results of Election 2022. He draws upon history, even recent history to find a purpose in the direction our country is headed in light of the results of the 2022 Election, the sacrifice of our Veterans, and the example of such Saints as Martin, William of Gellone and other Saints who were Military Veterans.

MARRIAGE – A Matter of Grammar

Homily for the 32nd Sunday of the Year – C

Luke 20:27-38

Fr. Bill preaches on the contentious subject of “marriage” and our obligation, in the face of modern culture, to defend and emulate the sacrament and institution of Marriage as God intended it to be. He makes use of a surprising analysis in offering a proposal on how we, as Followers of Christ, can continue to preach and advocate for Marriage in a compelling way.

AN END OF DEMOCRACY? — The U.S. Constitution and the 2022 Mid-term Election

The 2022 Mid-Term Election is upon us.

Fr. Bill discusses the campaign rhetoric that has been used during this election cycle, particularly regarding the perceived threats to the future of Democracy in the United States – and how the United States Constitution was originally set up by the Founding Fathers to deal with, and prevent, any threat to the democratic process in this country so as to protect, not just democracy, but the Freedom of its citizens from the threat of a tyrannical governing body.