HALTING THE CANCEL CULTURE – The Importance of Knowing Your History

Homily – 4th Sunday of Lent – B

Ignorance of History has led to the Cancel Culture that has diseased our society, in which an elite few have accentuated the worst parts of history in order to define our Church, Culture and Nation.

Fr. Bill speaks of how knowing our History is a key component in canceling the Cancel Culture and how St. Joseph personifies the history of Israel, and therefore encompasses the importance of History itself.


Fr. Bill returns to the Brett Winterble Show on NewsmaxTV to discuss the Historical and Constitutional perspectives regarding the Impeachment of President Trump, and how the Constitutional framing of Three Co-equal Branches of Government plays out in an Impeachment process.

Fr. Bill Nicholas talks Impeachment with his friend Brett Winterble on the Brett Winterble Show, NewsmaxTV