WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST – The Conflict Between Israel & Hamas

With the recent outbreak of war between Israel and Palestine, Fr. Bill offers a Biblical and Historical context in which the current event is being played out.

How can we understand the war in light of the Biblical as well as “secular” History of that region, in light of Jesus’ farewell promise of Peace, well as in light of the Promise God made that All Nations would find Blessing in the descendants of Abraham who make up the kingdom, and subsequent Nation of Israel?


Homily – 2nd Sunday of the Year – A
John 1:29-34

Fr. Bill preaches on the different accounts of John the Baptist between the Four Gospels and what we can learn about the possible historical dynamic between Jesus, John and their respective followers, and the final resolution regarding both men’s role in the overall plan of God.

ARE YOU JEWISH OR PAGAN? — Looking Backwards to Jesus’ 2nd Coming

Sunday Homily
Solemnity of Christ the King
Luke 23:35-43

Pagans saw time and history as an endless cycle. Jewish (and Christian) people see time and history as linear.

Fr. Bill preaches on the Solemnity of Christ the King, the end of the Year 2022, and how we prepare for Christ’s Second Coming by looking Backwards to the previous year, in preparation of the year ahead.


Some people insist that the Bible is an accurate historical account.  Others claim it is only Mythology.  Fr. Bill discusses how it is both, why it is both and to what purpose it serves as a “historical” for the ancient Kingdom of Israel, as well as to people of faith today.

WOULD GOD HAVE USED E-MAIL? – After all, He Wrote Letters

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Luke 1:1-4

Much of the New Testament is written as a Letter, from the Epistles to the Gospel of St. Luke.

Fr. Bill talks about the importance of Letter-writing, its importance to Christian heritage, its impact on History, and how it has been lost in our modern, multi-media saturated culture.

AS BAD AS THE CIVIL WAR!! – Inappropriate Historical Comparisons and What They Mean

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Fr. Bill addresses the habit of many public officials and media figures to compare current issues to Historical Events, Figures and Institutions, encouraging his listeners to respond, not to the extreme Rhetoric and inappropriate Hyperbole, but as a call to actually learn the history that is being invoked in the comparison.

HALTING THE CANCEL CULTURE – The Importance of Knowing Your History

Homily – 4th Sunday of Lent – B

Ignorance of History has led to the Cancel Culture that has diseased our society, in which an elite few have accentuated the worst parts of history in order to define our Church, Culture and Nation.

Fr. Bill speaks of how knowing our History is a key component in canceling the Cancel Culture and how St. Joseph personifies the history of Israel, and therefore encompasses the importance of History itself.


Fr. Bill returns to the Brett Winterble Show on NewsmaxTV to discuss the Historical and Constitutional perspectives regarding the Impeachment of President Trump, and how the Constitutional framing of Three Co-equal Branches of Government plays out in an Impeachment process.

Fr. Bill Nicholas talks Impeachment with his friend Brett Winterble on the Brett Winterble Show, NewsmaxTV