BAPTISM INTO CHRIST – The Baptism of Jesus

Homily – Feast of the Baptism of Jesus

How do the Seven Sacraments, starting with Baptism, reflect the Life of Jesus as we prepare for Eternal Life?


Homily – Epiphany Sunday, 2020

Both Matthew and Luke present a more foreboding tale as part of their Infancy Narratives. Both involve a revelation or Epiphany, of Jesus.

Fr. Bill preaches both “Epiphanies” and discusses how they constitute a darker side to the Birth of Jesus, and a sober reminder of who it is whose birth we celebrate.



The Sunday following Christmas is the Feast of the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Long before Jesus gathered any disciples, Mary and Joseph dedicated their lives to doing the will of God with Jesus at the center.

Fr. Bill discusses how this was a precursor to the Christian Church, as well as a model and symbol of what the Church is today.


Homily for for the First Sunday of Advent, 2020
(no that is not a typo)

Advent begins the new Year of Our Lord, opens with the theme of the Advent of Christ’s Return in Glory and concludes with the preparation to celebrate the Incarnation. How can we observe this busy, “holiday” season, as Catholic Christians, not diving into Christmas until we have celebrated the many facets and faces of the Advent Season?

THE “END” OF MARRIAGE – What Did Jesus Say?

Homily – 32nd Sunday of the Year – C

“END” (noun) – an outcome worked toward; the object by virtue of or for the sake of which an event takes place. (Miriam-Webster)

What did Jesus have to say about a subject that has become one of the hottest topics of discussion today – Marriage?

IS THERE IN FAITH NO DEFENSE? – Zacchaeus, Apologetics and Defending the Catholic Church

Homily – 31st Sunday of the Year – C
The Tax Collector Who Climbed a Tree

The Story of Zacchaeus is more than simply the story of a Tax Collector who climbed a tree; and more than a simple conversion story. Zacchaeus gives a great example of how we should respond to criticism from people who oppose us

INGRATITUDE OR OBLIGATION – The Miracle of the Ten Lepers

Homily for October 13, 2019
28th Sunday of the Year – C

Everyone has heard of the story of the Jesus Curing the Ten Lepers and of the One Leper who returned to give thanks. What, however, do we make of the other nine who did not return to Jesus. Are they ungrateful for the grace of God’s cure, or were they obedient to the command of Jesus? Why, exactly, did the one return to Jesus and give thanks? What kind of example do all Ten Lepers give us?