What Makes a “Funeral”

Part 2 of Series

When a person dies, friends and loved ones like to conduct “tributes”, “memorials” or “celebrations of life”.

Catholics celebrate a Funeral.

Fr. Bill talks about the qualities that make a Funeral, the progression of the celebration, the symbols that are used, and how a Funeral is very different from simply a “celebration of life.”

DEATH & THE FUNERAL — How Do Catholics Prepare for Death?

New Series on YouTube

St. Joseph of the Patron Saint of a Happy Death November is the Month of the Faithful Departed November 2 is the day in which the Church annually Commemorates All Souls.

Join Fr. Bill as he presents this 5-Part series on how the Catholic Church prepares the faithful when Death is approaching, and how it prayerfully intercedes for the Faithful Departed when they yare called from this Life to the Next.

EUTHANASIA: MURDERING THE SICK – The 5th Commandment, pt. 3

“You Shall Not Kill”

Many refer to Euthanasia as “Mercy Killing”, “Death with Dignity” asserting a person’s “‘Right’ to Die”.

Fr. Bill discusses how Euthanasia is actually a grave offense against the Ten Commandments, a violation of Human Dignity, which may deprive the sick of the greatest blessing they may be receiving within their own lifetime.