CHRISTMAS – The Unstoppable Celebration of Freedom!

Christmas Podcast – 2021

Christmas celebrates the Birth of Christ, but it also celebrates that “The Lord has come this people and set them free!”  It is a great celebration of Freedom that is perfectly combatable with our culture and founding as Free Americans of the United States.

Fr. Bill talks about how this is so and wishes everyone the best of the season.

God’s Promise to Be With Our Nation

14th Sunday of the Year – A
Sunday after Independence Day

Has God abandoned the United States of America. Fr. Bill talks about the promise made by God to be with his people if we remained faithful, and how that fidelity is promised by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence.

A CALL TO FREEDOM – The 3rd Commandment

“Keep Holy the Sabbath [Lord’s] Day”

The 3rd Commandment is more than just a call to rest. Fr. Bill discusses how the Commandment ties into the Hebrew experience of Exodus and our Christian call to celebrate both Creation and the Resurrection.