The Catholic Tradition of Ecumenical Councils — More than Just Vatican II

Not many Christians, including Catholics, know that there is a rich history in the Catholic Church of the Ecumenical Council. For many, the only Council they are aware of is Vatican II (and maybe, by conclusion, Vatican I), but little is known about the dynamic and charism of the Council in the history and function of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Bill discusses this history of the Councils, what they were, when they were held, what they discussed, their impact on the Catholic Faith and Tradition, and how the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) fits into that rich Catholic Tradition.


“How to Predict the End of the World”
Apocalypse – part 1

What is the nature of the Christian Expectation of the Second Coming of Christ and the End of the World? What is the importance of this expectation and what is the role Holy Scripture plays in determining when these events will take place?

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