2 thoughts on “Ephphatha – From the Gospel of Mark to the Rite of Baptism

  1. HMD and CEO Catholics? That’s the Catholic ‘herd mentality’ nowadays.

    Secularistic values of the world is already in the church. We have lost sense of ‘Sacred’ even when in church before the ‘Blessed Sacrament’. We lack reverence for the ‘Sacred’ in the way we pray and dress. Imagine being invited to the banquet of the Lord, in shorts, slippers and flip-flops. It’s like going to a movie having popcorns and coca-cola. Dressing in your Sunday best is dead.

    Yours In Christ.

  2. I personally call them the Sacramental Catholics, who only show up for the Sacrament to be celebrated, and the Twice a Year Catholics, who only show up for Easter and Christmas. I do like HMD and CEO! I also believe one should look nice and appropriate to be in front of the Table of the Lord, as we participate and receive what has happened at The Last Supper. If Christ could sacrifice His life for us, you can sacrifice the gym clothes and look respectful for Him!

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