Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs spoke at the commencement ceremony of Benedictine College. Responses have been mixed, and strong. Fr. Bill gives his take on what was said and the flaw that betrays a serious issue within the Catholic Church, that can potentially ruin the credibility of the rest of his speech.

Is the “SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” in the Bible?

Post-Enlightenment Political Philosophers pushed the Separation of Church and State. The Founding of the United States enshrines a more evolved understanding of this Political Principle. Fr. Bill talks about the difference, and how the United States understanding of this Principle is actually expressed in the Bible.

TOTAL ECLIPSE – Is it a “Spiritual” Experience?

Many news reporters and spectators described the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024 as a “Spiritual” experience.

Fr. Bill breaks down what this might mean in regard to the overall spirituality and religiosity of the nation, and how the image of a Total Eclipse fits into the spirituality and symbolism of Christianity.


Luke 2:22-40

The stability of any Society depends on the stability of the Family. Fr. Bill preaches on how the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus symbolizes God’s entry and sanctification of the basic element of a free and stable society, the basic component of the Church, and ultimately, a basic symbol of God’s gift of Freedom.


My Reaction (to the Reaction) to the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings

As heads were exploding over Social Media last week I opted to refrain from comment until I had a chance to read the Declaration On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings (Fiducia Supplicans) and mull it over. Here are my thoughts on the subject, for what it’s worth.

CHRISTMAS OR THE POPE? – What Should I Talk About?

Fr. Bill discusses whether it is more important to talk about the Pope’s comments on “blessings” or on the up-and-coming celebration of the Incarnation of Christ.

“SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” – Rendering Unto Caesar

Homily – 29th Sunday of the Year – A
Matthew 22:15-21

The United States has a particular approach to the “Separation of Church and State”. Fr. Bill explains how this country understands this doctrine, how it was incorporated into the nation’s Founding, how we get it wrong today, and how it perfectly expresses Jesus’ admonition to “render to Caesar…”

WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST – The Conflict Between Israel & Hamas

With the recent outbreak of war between Israel and Palestine, Fr. Bill offers a Biblical and Historical context in which the current event is being played out.

How can we understand the war in light of the Biblical as well as “secular” History of that region, in light of Jesus’ farewell promise of Peace, well as in light of the Promise God made that All Nations would find Blessing in the descendants of Abraham who make up the kingdom, and subsequent Nation of Israel?