Holy Communion and Pro-Abortion Politicians

My latest visit to the Brett Winterble Show in which we discuss the recent Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and its implications for Catholic, Pro-Abortion Politicians.

Best Evidence of the Greatest Cliffhanger – The Resurrection of Jesus

There is no first hand account of the Resurrection of Jesus, even in the Bible.  Yet billions today and even more over the past 2000 years believe it – some even to the point of sacrificing their lives rather than renounce it.
Join Fr. Bill’s Easter Podcast as he ponders the presumed lack of evidence, why so many have come to believe in it, and why those who do not believe are still kept on edge by the greatest event of human history.

“THE FREEDOM TRILOGY” – Good Movies to Watch for Holy Week and Easter

While many like to turn to movies about Jesus during Holy Week, Easter Sunday and the Easter Season, Fr. Bill makes a suggestion of a “trilogy” of movies that deal with the issue of Freedom, with a final resolution on how true Freedom is grounded in Faith in Christ.

Join Fr. Bill as he discusses three unlikely films which build one upon the other to a climax in the third movie on where true freedom must be grounded if it is to lead to an end of tyranny and worldly oppression.


New Podcast – “Faith, Hope & History with Fr. Bill”
How and why the Catholic Church is NOT against Science.

“Following ‘the Science'” is a common invocation asserted by many as a one-upmanship to those who profess particularly a Christian faith; as if those of a deep faith are closed to accepting “the science.”  More often than not the Church’s conflict with Galileo is invoked as a demonstration of how the Catholic Church and the Christian Faith is hostile to Science.  Fr. Bill discusses the issue, demonstrating that the opposite is true.  Not only does Christianity, and in particular Catholicism, have no problem with Science, but it is because of the Christian Faith, and in particular the Catholic Church, that Science and scientific studies were able to grow and flourish in the West.

Join Fr. Bill as he talks about the how Christianity and the Judeo-Christian worldview paved the way for the growth of Science, and how the Catholic Church fostered such studies.  He will even name a few priests and bishops who were pioneers in many of the modern fields of scientific study.  Some of them may surprise you!