3 thoughts on “CATHOLIC BASICS with Fr. Bill – The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Holy Scriptures

  1. Hello Fr. Bill…..this is Deacon Jim from Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in Claremont. I’m searching for your information on the Feast of the Assumption and cannot locate one. Do you have a recording for this Feast Day? 08/15/19? Thanks!

    • Hi Deacon Jim,

      Just saw your comment. I don’t have a video on the Assumption yet, but I am hoping to do a “sequel” series to the Biblical Blessed Mother, on the Liturgical Blessed Mother in which I discuss the major feasts of Mary and how they correspond to feasts of Jesus. You can bet the Assumption will be one of them.

      As for Homilies. I am usually on vacation in August. So I don’t have any recordings of homilies I have given.

      Thanks for visiting my site.

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